Death Valley Radio

Death Valley Radio is a format-free program for the musically curious.

In this age of bland radio programming (both commercial and non-) and automated music services, DVR is still built by hand, non-algorithmically — one set at a time.

Each two-hour edition of Death Valley Radio airs at on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM ET.

DVR program 904 features the Afro-Brazilian sounds of Beck, Sérgio Mendes with Stevie Wonder and Gracinha Leporace, Opaluna, Moreno Veloso with Takako Minekawa, Wayne Shorter with María Booker, Sara Tavares, and Cassandra Wilson with Fabrizio Sotti; two really sad songs (Erik Friedlander, Mark Isham); nice and easy hip-hop and pop (P.M. Dawn, De La Soul, Erykah Badu); Ragazze Quartet and Slagwerk Den Haag's new recording of Terry Riley's "In C"; new music from Sinikka Langeland's Starflowers with Trio Mediæval; and two more really sad songs (Iain Matthews with Sandy Denny, Paul Simon).

Death Valley Radio is dedicated to the memory of my wife Valerie.

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